The Troubadour

As a troubadour I sing and speak from the heart. Sad, fruitful, redeeming or happy stories, with hope and Good news. Fairytales that seem too good to be true, but that ARE true. Selfpenned folksongs and pop-, folk- or gospelsongs from others, with fresh news from heaven. The journey as a troubadour began in the L’abricommunity in Eck en Wiel, but I try to make my home now almost everywhere. Solo, or with the band. I perform for instance in living rooms, churches, on the street, in prison, in the park, cafes, nursery homes and communities. In 2019 my third album came out, ‘FishLove’ , where I blend forró & samba with folkpop , with deep love songs about moving missionaries, merry mamas, hardworking farmers and about my lovely wife Ilse. Read more…


You can order the new swinging folkforrósambarecord ‘FishLove’ here, for €15 (+ shipping costs). An album with colourful stories and rhythms from the North-East and heart of Brazil, that blend together with Cherryfolkpop. Forró, samba, choro in the mix with deep lovesongs about hard-working farmers, merry mamas, moving missionaries, God’s grace that takes no days off and about my lovely wife Ilse. The artwork is full of drawings, made by Brazilian artist Jorge Costa.

Other Albums

Before there was FishLove, there were two other albums: The Desert, the dew & the dawn (2013) and The Story of Saint Anonymous (2016). It was recorded, filmed and performed. Go to media and check it out!

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