Love will overcome – CHERRITYSINGLE and T-SHIRT against human trafficking

Love will overcome, I will always hope for that. I hope that the world and our Dutch country will be without human trafficking, without women who are abused or imprisoned behind red windows. Where women are free and where they are free to be who they are. That’s where I long for. Half of the proceedings from this song Love will overcome én from the ‘Full of light’ t-shirts go to El Roi in Utrecht. You can help by listening the song on Spotify, Deezer, by buying it on iTunes, or even better, by requesting it on your favorite radiostation.

El Roi is an organization that, from the churches of Utrecht, reaches out to women (and men) who are (stuck) in prostitution. For a cup of tea, practical help, friendship or a prayer.

The inspiration from this song comes from a ‘Walk For Freedom’ of A21, that I walked with many others, including my brother in law Eelco Roskam and with Willemijn de Jong.